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eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce Consulting

With constant technology disruption businesses are moving online. We provide you with all the components to create a bespoke eCommerce platform covering all stages of design, development, hosting and maintenance that will provide the necessary impetus to your ePresence. We encourage add-ons to suit your business in order to provide a unique touch in the competitive market. We also specialise in comprehensive market place management which follows a knowledge driven approach in the era of discounting providing a true eCommerce experience. Our Account Management delivery model has ushered opportunities for businesses to go from Physical to Digital.

Website Development Services

Online Presence

We build, monitor and optimize your online presence be it a website, classified or eCommerce marketplace along with marketing and remarketing to an endless digital audience. The team follows a content first approach allowing us to set timeline and milestones for last mile delivery of your project.

Marketplace Management Services

Market Place Management

Your products will be listed on a curated list of marketplaces based on the driving factors of that marketplace, your product relevancy with the marketplace and many more. Our e-commerce marketplace management wizards creates a perfect database for your item and focuses on regular updates based on current market trends to give a firm push to sales.

Catalouging Services

Catalogue Content Creation

Our team of experts set up and organize your online catalogue right from a well written description content to search engine optimized headings and blends it with categorizing the SKU's, ensuring you garner maximum traction online.

Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management

We manage your inventory on a timely basis in concurrence with you, which will not only help you stay organized but also avoid any costly errors of customer deflection and loss of credibility due to non fulfillment.

Online Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns

The utmost important aspect in eCommerce would be to manage your marketing campaign based on weekly analysis, monthly sales volume and seasonal trends. The team builds a marketing plan for you to leverage the eCommerce opportunity.

Online Order Processing

Order Processing

A series of well-managed steps need to be followed from the time of order placement to order delivery. Each step requires thorough monitoring at every level to ensure qualitydelivery. We chalk down the process flow along with ensuring adherence for safeguarding customer and business interest.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support

eCommerce websites work beyond selling. It is imperative to understand the customer and provide timely support and assistance. We believe in the positive impact of a happy and satisfied customer and hold this as a priority in managing your presence online.

Logistics Coordination Services

Logistics Assistance

We provide logistics assistance throughout the delivery life-cycle by constantly updating the shipping details thereby offering a real-time view to the customer.

Online Rating Management

Rating Management

In the vast e-commerce market the customer relies on ratings to a great extent. We leverage good rating and resolve poor ratings through customer engagement. We monitor these ratings and look for quick solutions to improvise them favouring your online goodwill.