We are a family that works together, stays together and grows together.


At ALTIUS we strongly believe in the importance of US in everything that we do. US always reminds us that we can only succeed as a team; whether it is within our organisation or across the industry. We are much stronger together than we are alone. Every member of the ALTIUS family ensures we remain honest to each other, also be ready to take on new challenges on a day-to-day basis in both; life and careers.

We are an equal opportunity employer which strongly believes that there should be only one reason why a person is hired / promoted and that is Merit. We provide an environment that allows employees to thrive by conducting regular training, offshore picnics, rewards & recognition program to enhance employee engagement, job satisfaction and foster growth.

Employees are made of career growth paths right from the time of hiring, so that they see a long-term career and not just a job which is why we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the country in terms of call center jobs.

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Every day at Altius employees are greeted with a young, dynamic and vibrant work culture. Every individual in the organization is a vital cog that keeps the Altius wheel turning.

This spirit of teamwork and camaraderie is imbibed into all employees – regardless of their stature or position and each one is treated equally. Our work culture reflects our values; Team work, Passion and Dedication abound in Altius.

We consciously cultivate the culture of 'fun at work'. Either it is one of our regular outings or our quarterly Rewards and Recognition programs where everyone from our tightly knit family comes together to enjoy, laud and motivate to take on challenges at work.


Journey with ALTIUS has paved way in exploring and contributing my knowledge. ALTIUS has always given me opportunities to grow and take complete ownership of the work I do. ALTIUS is a unique Organization where alchemy of the growth, freedom, professionalism and team work are expressed in highest order. Complete potential of a professional can be demonstrated and subsequent growth in the organization is secured.

Mohit Gadam
eCommerce Specialist

It was a happy journey till now with this company. Very supporting Management and HR team, understanding and supportive supervisors and colleagues. Indeed team leaders and managers take efforts to groom employee and nurture their hidden capabilities.

Sanjana Nair
Customer Service Associate

We were told Altius means Higher and now I am living it. Day by day I am growing higher with constant evolution of knowledge by working with the entire management. Happening atmosphere, helpful colleagues and motivational superiors are the major reason why I love to work with Altius. I feel my future secure with Altius because it gives opportunity to grow and learn new things always.

Shonali Sinha
Customer Service Associate

As Altius say's "Realise your potential" its true. Altius is the best place for creative minds to realise their potential and apply their knowledge and skills they possess. Positive environment of Altius teaches you to always think positive. I am very glad to be a part of such an organisation where everybody can grow professionally and personally as well.

Lokesh Gholap
Team Lead – Software Development

Many people never get Job Satisfaction, which i found here in Altius. Altius made me understood the real meaning of Job Satisfaction. Every day starts with Smile and ends with Smile. Even after having hundreds of employees working for company, every individual is recognized and being noticed by higher authorities in all aspects. Due to which I always feel motivated and important to company.

Rahul Dwivedi
eCommerce Specialist

Altius is an organization that values its employees, nurtures intrapreneurs, gives them the freedom to be innovative and allows them to turn their innovative ideas into realities. There is always a healthy work life balance and engagement maintained with different events making everyday work fun. I think all these small things contributes towards individual success.

Aakash Kharade
Senior Developer – Software Development

Working for Altius has provided ample opportunities to enhance work and professional profile and also entire management and support team have regularly given due recognition for the contribution for all levels of employees. Management has also been receptive to constructive suggestions and are always available for seeking a time with them for any on floor/off floor concerns faced and give feedback and seek to get due justice given.

Rajendra Oza
Customer Service Associate

I am glad to be working with Altius, there is always something new to learn and grow with opportunities. Best environment to work in, Seniors are supportive and willingly reach out to you whenever in need.

Supritha Shetty
Project Coordinator – Software Development